Friday, May 6, 2011


Just a few catch up photos while George is still an only child...for three more days :) Poor kiddo.

This is after fighting us about going to sleep. We finally let him just stay in his room and play. I found him sleeping upright at about 10 pm.

He has to say 'cheese' for every picture now. So silly.

First night in his new room AND in his actual real bed, not just a mattress on the floor.

Snacktime at the park.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Third Birthday, George!!

George turned three on Saturday.

I can hardly believe what a big boy he is becoming. His vocabulary is huge. He talks CONSTANTLY. Even in his sleep.

His well child appointment was yesterday, and he is 41" tall (97%) and 36 lbs (90%). He is healthy and happy, and still terrified of the doctor.

His favorite things right now are: Thomas the Tank Engine, Wall-E, Despicable Me, Richard Scarry, his trampoline, the playground (any playground), and WATERMELON. Believe me, watermelon deserves a mention because it's an obsession.

He's still a fruit and vegetable monster. Not such a big fan of meat, but boy, does this kid love his sweets.

We started a new class a few weeks ago that's kind of pre-school prep. We play, do crafts, have snack time, sing songs and play with the parachute. He LOVES the parachute, and singing Ring around the Rosie. And of course, snacktime. He always talks his teacher, Miss Tracy, into seconds.

George is an absolute joy! He keeps me busy, but I wouldn't trade his little boy energy for the world. It's hard to be mad at the little stinker when he flashes his grin gives me a big kiss!

Happy Birthday, kiddo! We love you to pieces!

Happy Holiday 2010!

Our Holiday season was filled with family and fun!! George had a great time seeing all his cousins and extended family.

Fall 2010

We had a busy fall...lots of harvest festivals. And also, a new cousin. Brian's sister Mandy and her husband Chris had a little girl October 6, Kadence Karen Maciver. Welcome, Kadence!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And Then the Rest of the Summer!

Okay, now I have MAJOR catch up to do. Oy.

I have a couple excuses. Really.

1) My computer crashed a while back. So that was scary. Luckily, Brian is a computer genius and saved the computer. And I had the wherewithal to back up my photos on an external hard drive, so I didn't lose any pictures. Thank goodness!

2) I am pregnant! We are due in May, and it's a girl. This pregnancy has been very different from George. I've been either sick or feeling off from the very beginning. Health wise, everything is fine and baby girl is looking good. So I'll roll with that.

So, here's the rest of the summer. I think we're going to have to go by season till I catch up.

The Rest of June

Petting zoo in Forest Park up in Mukilteo.

Conversations with goats.

Trampoline with Daddy!

With Grandpa Gary and cousin Leanna.

Raspberry picking (mostly eating).

Future marathoner.

Wheelbarrow rides with Gigi.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ack! It's Mid June. Let's Back Up To April?


Catch up posts again. The last few months have been hectic. I traveled to Texas in April to meet up with some girlfriend, our family suffered the loss of Brian's mom, Karen, in May, which was heartbreaking, and then two weeks ago I flew to San Diego and participated in the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon (yes, I finished, and yes, I ran the whole thing). So, there's been lots of sad and some happy too. We're looking forward to summer around here. Whenever that happens.

So, I'm going to backpedal a bit.

George. George, George, George. The child, he a precocious one. He's talking up a storm. Some of the things he comes up with? Wow. His favorite sayings right now are 'I rest my case,' 'That's ENOUGH!', 'Ayudame!', which is 'help me' in Spanish.

He's very into music and dancing right now. If a commercial comes on tv with music, he say's 'Mommy, let's dance!' He especially likes dancing to his Yo Gabba Gabba cd.

What else...he's counting to 20, knows all his ABC's (we're learning lower case right now), and all his shapes. Even octagon. He knows a stop sign is an octagon and refers to his favorite cereal as 'stop sign' cereal, as it is octagon shaped. We're working on colors.

George is OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine (and trains in general), and pretty much everything car/truck (especially garbage trucks for some reason) ...okay, anything with wheels. I picked up Cars and Trucks and Things that Go a couple weeks back and it is definitely his favorite book of the moment.

He loves to go to the park and the beach and just be outside in general. Which is hard when the weather is uncooperative, but we're hoping for some better days ahead!

And here are some shots from the last four months. Enjoy!